The Happy Prince – a tale by Oscar Wilde, illustrated & adapted by Maisie Shearring (Thames & Hudson)

We just couldn’t wait any longer to share this empathetically re-invented production of The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde.

Such a heart-wrenching tale, Maisie Shearring has done complete justice, and then some, to this timeless classic tale.

Presented in her unique illustrative style, Shearring has brought classic Oscar Wilde to a whole new audience and a new generation of readers.

It will undoubtedly raise questions and can be enjoyed by a vast range of ages. This picture book is one that should be read by all.

First published in 1888, this beguiling read is as current and topical now as it ever was, particularly in this tumultuous time.

The underlying message of helping others and heartfelt friendship is at the heart of this story, but it too explores further the issues of inequality, greed and consumerism.

This considered adaptation compels the reader to address their own moral compass and reassess what’s important in life.

Creating a book that raises as many questions as it answers is no mean feat and Shearring has done this with great aplomb, coupled with the most alluring artwork. This is set to be a future classic to adorn shelves everywhere.

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