Ivy And The Lonely Raincloud by Katie Harnett (Flying Eye Books)

In this highly anticipated second offering from Katie Harnett, we meet Ivy, a rather grumpy looking florist and a particularly sad and lonely raincloud.

But what on earth do Ivy and a lost and lonely raincloud have in common?

Raincloud is a lost soul, the heat of the sun had scared all of the other rainclouds away and he was very much alone.

He only wanted a friend… but no one wanted to be friends with him. What was he to do?

Just as he was about to give up on his search for a friend, he spots Ivy.

Could she become his friend?

In yet another beautifully packaged story from Katie Harnett, this unexpected friendship and tale of changing emotions is one to be celebrated. It’s ok to be cross, but it’s even better when we work together to make each other happy.

When Ivy and the raincloud find a way to help each other, their emerging mutual respect begins to flourish and whilst an unlikely pairing, this friendship is set to grow and grow.

Amongst the minute details to be pored over on every spread, the depth of colour and texture in Harnett’s work is a complete pleasure to behold.


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