Pigeon PI by Meg McLaren (Andersen Press)

A wildly dramatic, hugely entertaining piece of detective fiction from Meg McLaren for a younger audience.

Pigeon private investigator Murray is getting a little long in the beak to be chasing after hapless leads and tracking down bad guys.

He’s supposed to have gone into retirement, but when Vee the canary turns to Murray for help in finding her feathered friends he just can’t say no.

Written in a tone of voice reminiscent of a 1950s American detective movie, you’ll find yourself slipping into a heavy New York accent with each turn of the page.

The minute detail that McLaren incorporates into each unfurling spread is a complete joy to behold.

This level of detail extends to her dust jacket, cover and endpapers. You’ll be finding new things you missed for several reads after…

Will Murray find the kidnapped pair of budgerigars?

Will this formidable duo manage to track down the thief?

And can Murray save the day once again?

This fast-paced read will have the reader gripped and we defy you not to have your New York accent down pat by the first half a dozen pages.


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