William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trucks by William Bee (Pavilion Books)

c6jjzniwqaefuy0Welcome to ‘William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trucks’! William just loves trucks and he would love to share more of his truck collection with you.

From an amphibious truck that you can take into the bath, to a super speedy jet-powered truck that reaches speeds of 370 mph!

c6jjzniwcaahqnt William has a huge collection of a wide and varied range of trucks. Join him, his dog and a group of unruly traffic cones as they share this enthralling array of vehicles.

The book is presented in author/illustrator William Bee‘s clean graphical styling and the cover is reminiscent of an iconic 1970s car manual.

c6jjznkxeaak3hoThe first in a series of three books, we look forward to the subsequent offerings as we also happen to know that William Bee has a penchant for vintage cars.

So expect some remarkable automobiles to make an appearance into this series at some point.

c6jjznjxeaalwkwIf you like the look of ‘William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trucks’ head over to Twitter to be in with a chance to win one of three copies in our giveaway.

Many thanks to the chaps at Pavilion Books for the books for our giveaway.


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