Before & After by Jean Jullien (Phaidon)

c6kweb0wcaeta3kHere is yet another on point offering of ‘s visual goodness in a sturdy board book format for younger fingers to tackle.

Jullien offers a number of insightful and humorous takes on ‘Before And After‘ with some bits in between thrown in for good measure.

c6kwelrwyaask9qFrom long hair to short and back again, dirty cat to clean cat and he even includes the old adage of ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’

There’s also a sharp-witted gatefold centre spread which provides a connection to these two opposing images.

c6kwebzwcaajqwpIn his own indomitable style, Jean provides a fresh perspective on ‘Before And After’ using a good smattering of predictable results, but with the inclusion of a few surprising images along the way.

This will undoubtedly have it’s readers flicking back and forth between the durable pages.

c6kwedjwmaabqblThe king of observational illustration, Jean Jullien never ceases to amaze with his unerring illustrative interpretations of everyday occurrences, whilst all the time building anticipation.

Just when you think you know what’s coming… he will surprise you! And if you haven’t already seen ‘This Is Not A Book‘ we suggest you take a look here.

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