Antoinette by Kelly DiPucchio & Christian Robinson (Simon & Schuster)

c5yrb3xwyaatb4_ So, we trust you’ve met Gaston by now? If not why not?! We implore you to seek him out, if you haven’t already.

And we’re thrilled to introduce you to ‘Antoinette‘, an equally adorable poodle friend of Gaston with a very special trait, even if it does take a while for her to find it.

c5yrb3ywgaqidltAntoinette is one of Mrs. Bulldog’s much beloved children.

She may not look like Mrs Bulldog and she certainly looks much different from her three burly brothers, Rocky, Ricky and Bruno but she is unique in more ways than one.

c5yrb31xqaa7s_bHer brothers all have something special Rocky is clever, Ricky is fast and Bruno is so strong, but what is it that makes Antoinette unique?

She hasn’t yet found what makes her special and she’s worried she never will, but Mrs. Bulldog can ‘feel it in her bones’.

16998905_10154880606815446_8298803762261785817_nIt’s only when Gaston’s sister, Ooh-La-La goes missing, that Antoinette steps-up and takes action.

Yes, Rocky was clever and tracked down her paw prints, and of course, Ricky raced around quickly to find her and big burly Bruno left no stone unturned, but Antoinette uses her intuition and follows her instinct.

c5yrb4qxeaeuojuBut can she save the day and rescue the lost pup?

We utterly adore these light-hearted stories, but ones which drive home such a poignant message by Kelly DiPucchio and the texture-filled illustrations that have become synonymous with Christian Robinson are a complete joy.


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