SUPERBAT by Matt Carr (Scholastic)

c4sjh9kwmaabkj8The instant we clocked this zingy cover, we just knew that SUPERBAT would be set to fly off the shelves.

Meet Pat the bat, a most unlikely hero, but a rather personable protagonist never the less.

c4sjiadw8aacizbFrom debut author/illustrator Matt Carr comes a winning formula of a humorous and heart-warming story, coupled with the most distinctively vibrant artwork.

Pat is ready to take on the world. With his homemade cape and mask, he is transformed into none other than SUPERBAT!


So what is Pat’s super power? Well, for starters he can fly AND he has super hearing!

But wait a minute, all of his other bat friends have the same powers. How can he differentiate himself from the rest of the crowd? After all a super hero needs his own special powers…

c4sjh9lw8aej7ksThis picture book combines warmth, humour and ultimately self-belief, resulting in a stonkingly good debut.

Matt’s eye-catching spreads are a complete delight and his clean, graphical illustrations ooze style. This is one heck of a debut and we sincerely hope he has a sequel lined up.


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