The Lost Kitten by Lee & Komako Sakai (Gecko Press)

c4jkcukwyaadoqm In this much anticipated picture book from renowned Japanese illustrator, Komako Sakai, we are introduced to an instantly loveable kitten.

As the stray kitten turns up on an unsuspecting Hina’s doorstep, she and her mother take pity on this lone feline and invite it in to their home.

c4jkcuvwcaepxan In muted, soft and almost grainy spreads, Sakai has a unique way of incorporating texture and movement in her stunning artwork.

Her style is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. The use of very definite, raw brushstrokes, coupled with scratchy linear strokes make for an engaging and compelling read.

c4jkcuqwmaqzyuhHina loves the kitten and is a conscientious carer. She provides food and shelter for her new found friend and even makes it a collar with a little bell.

The way in which Sakai illustrates is complemented by her use of narrative. She writes in a very honest and matter of fact style, there is no sickliness or over sentimental language.

c4jkcuzwqaalq9oBut what happens when the kitten goes missing?

In this tale of abiding love and the fear of losing what we hold dear, this picture book is bound to become a staple on bookshelves everywhere.


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