Edie by Sophy Henn (Puffin Books)

c3rfttpwyaafke_ She’s only gone and done it again!

That Sophy Henn has a knack of creating highly believable and loveable characters, in whom you can always see just a bit (or in some cases rather a lot) of yourself.

c3rfttnwmaalhyiAnd Edie is no different.

Edie is a delightfully helpful, pom-pom adorned young thing, perhaps a tad too helpful…

From the cover alone, with her nonchalant swagger, you can’t help but love her.

c3rftxxw8aa0v5oIn this smile-inducing story, Sophy invites us to take wry look at ‘helpfulness’ through the eyes of a child.

It’s one that will strike a chord for parents everywhere and provides a light-hearted view of the child-like helpfulness that we can sometimes, quite frankly, do without!

c3rftbqxuaeiz4cIn another quality offering, Sophy uses a thoughtful palette throughout the book. Her humorous illustrations provide a visual narrative of their own, working in harmony with the short, snappy text.

We don’t think Sophy could ever produce something that we don’t instantly adore and we urge you all to grab any book by this stand-out author/illustrator! (And no, she didn’t pay us to say that.)


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