The Curious Case Of The Missing Mammoth by Karl J Mountford (Little Tiger Press)

c3mvoibwiaaaeiyIn ‘The Curious Case Of The Missing Mammoth’, we follow young Oscar on his midnight adventure with Timothy the mammoth through the magical museum of curious creatures to find Timothy’s missing baby brother.

There’s a mammoth on the loose and Oscar has to get him back home before the clock strikes one!

c3mvokuweaafpdfBut where can he be? Will he be swimming with the seals? Dining with the dinosaurs? Or leafing through the books in the library?

In this riotous romp, we are introduced to a jam-packed, technicolour museum, crammed with facts and snippets of information.

c3mvoidwiaa2ffqFrom The Wright Brothers to Vincent Van Gough and the endangered black rhino, there’s a wealth of scintillating facts to be gleaned from a trip through this magnificent museum.

Did you know the longest sentence printed in English is 13,955 words long? No, neither did we!

c3mvoqsxaammpdaIllustrated in Karl J Mountford‘s own unique style, this picture book will engage a wide and varied audience with it’s interactive format and accessible information.

A veritable treasure trove with plenty of lift-the-flap fun, this book will need several read-throughs to appreciate all of the intricate detail and drink in the facts on offer.


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