I Don’t Want Curly Hair by Laura Ellen Anderson (Bloomsbury)

c3qzhczwmaaac1s It’s often the case that we always want what we don’t or indeed, cannot have.

If you’re on the shorter side, you might wish to be a tad taller, if you have brown hair you may crave to be an exuberant red head and in this curly-haired girl’s case, all she wants is straight hair.

c3qzhdjweaezmjgShe will try anything to get rid of her curls, including pulling it, brushing it and stretching it!

But what happens when the Curly Haired Girl meets a girl with the smoothest, straightest hair? And all she wants is squiggly, spirally locks!

c3qzhnlw8aa65iwIllustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson in an eye-catching palette with lots of hair-raisingly superior texture, this is a story that will resonate with many a reader, for many a reason.

We happen to know that Laura has a glorious head of curls herself and therefore is the perfect author/illustrator for this rather hairy tale.

c3qzhjnwmaayzcoWhilst we may often crave what others have, this picture book embraces what makes us individuals and emphasises the need to accept and celebrate our quirks and foibles.

In a gentle yet jaunty rhyme, Laura creates an upbeat story that moves at a pace, with a joyful crescendo ending in friendship and hair, lots of hair!


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Curly Hair by Laura Ellen Anderson (Bloomsbury)

  1. I planned to write about my too short tight curls (my haircut was called a poodle cut at the Barber shop when I was little), but I may just purchase this book—It sounds perfect.

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