We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty & Ryan Wheatcroft (Caterpillar Books)

c2clu5mxuaelxlhWe Are Family is a wonderfully diverse celebration of families everywhere.

Embracing differences in how each family is made up and inviting discussion about how we all live, this is an exemplary introduction to a beautifully diverse world of families.

c2clu6cwiaehtloSuch an encouraging variation of ‘family’ and one which truly celebrates our similarities & differences, we cannot recommend this book enough.

Whether it introduces young children to a different family from their own, or invites further discussion, this book has done its job and then some.

c2clu9jxeae1k3kWritten in a gently rhyming text, coupled with the vivid and stylishly illustrated spreads, this makes for an engaging read and one which will hold any young child’s attention.

We look forward to the questions this instigates and opening young minds to a whole new meaning of ‘family’.


“No matter where we live, or our colour, creed, or name.     In each and every family, the love is all the same.”

We welcome books like these with open arms and cannot wait to share this in our pre-school.

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