Jill & Lion by Lesley Barnes (Tate Publishing)

c2tlz_fw8aayjhv We thoroughly enjoyed Lesley Barnes‘s debut picture book, in which we witnessed the first installment of Jill and Dog’s adventures in Jill & Dragon.

The sequel, Jill & Lion is an equally uplifting and compelling story and the love for our prodigious heroine is strengthened once more.


Whilst reading their favourite book, Jill is shocked to discover that the lion’s crown has been stolen by the evil ringmaster.

In a quest to ensure the crown is returned to its rightful owner, our feisty protagonist jumps to a rather dangerous chapter in the book, but with Dog at her side she is unstoppable.

c2tlz_axgai4ip1With Barnes‘s signature illustrative style, each spread is a texture-filled masterpiece with the most glorious, minute detail.

The sense of movement in the illustrations keeps the story moving at a pace, coupled with the short staccato text, makes for an upbeat read.

c2tl0dvxaaahdkyA forthright tale of friendship and bravery, this is an exemplary picture book to be read to all of your daughters and sons. It’s not about the crown we wear on our heads but what’s in our hearts that really matters.

It is highly refreshing and very welcome to witness such a strong and compassionate leading lady and we thank Lesley for creating such a credible character.


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