The Night Gardener by Terry & Eric Fan (Frances Lincoln)

c2js5rbxcamcgt4 We’ve drooled over this book for some time now having seen it’s launch in the US, so we were overjoyed to receive a copy from Frances Lincoln Children’s Books.

The Night Gardener is a creatively charming story with complementary illustrations from brothers Terry and Eric Fan.

c2js5saxcaal8yrThis, their debut picture book, is set to be an instant contemporary classic. The story holds an air of mysteriousness and intrigue, coupled with the sheer beauty of nature, it’s gently unfurling storyline will undoubtedly have any audience on the edge of its seat.

c2js544wgaaan9xOur protagonist, William wakes one morning to a commotion outside. The once grey town is now alive with noise and colour. A wise owl has appeared, as if by magic. Quickly followed by a cat, a rabbit and a parakeet.

But who is creating these fantastical masterpieces and will William find out who The Night Gardener is?

c2js55nwqaaukqaThe Fan brothers have cleverly created a book to truly lose yourself in. There is something distinctly magical about the spreads and the minute detail of every leaf on every tree is abundantly clear.

This book is everything we’d hoped it would be, and more.


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