Night Shift by Debi Gliori (Hot Key Books)

c2eddcpxaaabxtbPossibly the most poignant, astutely and emotively written picture book of the year. And in terms of its subject matter, of the decade! (And we don’t say that lightly.)

Tackling depression through cleverly crafted words and muted but dramatic pictures, Gliori has created a hugely impactful book for all age groups.



Night Shift’ is a most powerfully and empathetically written book, on a topic that deserves way more air time.

We can’t thank Debi enough for providing some clarity to an often stigmatised and misunderstood illness.

We would recommend this to EVERYONE, whether depression has had you in its grasp, or not!

c2eddcow8aeldzpWritten having encountered a first-hand engagement with the dragons, Debi Gliori‘s own personal battle with depression is brought very much to life in a highly accessible medium and with a deceptive simplicity.


We urge you all to pick up a copy of this book, if only to try and empathise with those locked in this hideous, one-sided fight with the blackness and dragons.

Perfectly presented for a wide and varied audience, it will undoubtedly prompt questions and incite conversation.

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