I Don’t Know What To Call My Cat by Simon Philip & Ella Bailey (Simon & Schuster)

cygfkjqwgaa51i4 When this book landed on our doormat we knew that it would resonate with many people, purely from the title alone.

With one tweet of the cover, it aroused much interest and lots of Twitterers were instantly intrigued.

cygfk0kxeae6c58Created by a picture book power duo, Simon Philip and Ella Bailey have created a book that hits the nail on the head, in terms of selecting the name that is just right for your pet. Be it a cat, dog or budgerigar.

You’d think it’d be easy, right? How wrong could you be!

cygfkkkwiaayhoc We’ve all been there. The anticipation of a new pet (or even child) can be very overwhelming and choosing the right name is absolutely paramount.

There are a number of elements to consider, for starters it’s important to determine gender.

cygfkxhwgaav0utDoes he/she look like a ‘Mister Catkins’? Can you imagine shouting out its name in a busy street? The list is endless.

In this clever, well observed story, Simon Philip captures an underlying warmth and distinct humour in his narrative and Ella Bailey provides a wealth of jam-packed spreads to pore over time and time again.

A book for animal lovers everywhere and a great story to be shared at any time.


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