The Steadfast Soldier by JooHee Yoon (Enchanted Lion Books)

cyrz7rdwiaavvibA well-known and beloved classic, The Steadfast Soldier originally by the inimitable Hans Christian Andersen, has been freshly reinvented for a whole new generation of readers by the incomparable Joohee Yoon.

This universally renowned book has had an injection of contemporary vision, coupled with a revitalised backdrop, making it more accessible to a wider, younger audience.

cymedhfxaaaka-o As we follow the one-legged soldier on his treacherous journey from the moment of his creation to his untimely demise, the story remains true to the original with just a few minor tweaks from Yoon.

The bold palette of red, black and silver adds to the intensity of this tale of love and death and provides a sobering setting to this tragic fairy tale.

cyrz7rdxuaiva7h In this visually striking interpretation, Yoon‘s unique illustrative style also captures the underlying tenderness and inner spirit of this story with a deceptive simplicity.

Yoon has provided a breath of fresh air for this long-standing (excuse the pun) classic.

cyrz7raw8aepjzbThe dark undertones are not shied away from, in fact they are embraced in bold print. From the terrifying troll to the vicious rat and the guts and gore of the gutting of the fish. Yoon has carefully crafted an energised version of the original story.

It comprises of everything you’d expect from Andersen with a modern twist, strong characterisation, great adventure, overwhelming love and a tragic end.

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