Who Built That? Bridges by Didier Cornille (PA Press)

cygpuy1xcaaxvcw In this particular ‘Who Built That?‘ series we are introduced to ten of the most important bridges in our world today.

Didier Cornille presents the stories behind these iconic bridges and the extraordinary people who designed them.

cygpuzxxgaacbetOffered in a minimalist style with fine-line illustrations and a limited palette, this is provides a great introduction to any budding architect, engineer or indeed those with curious minds.

Each bridge is broken down into it’s component parts and it investigates the original concept for each structure.

cygpvd2xcaa2friFrom the first cast iron bridge, to a bridge that spans more than 8 miles, each of the bridges are all unique in their own right and each offer something different.

Coupled with a brief but informative biography on each creator, this book makes for an engaging and insightful introduction.

cygpvajxaaaqts0Such fascinating compositions used ground-breaking processes to create these incredible structures. From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco (1937) to the first Iron Bridge built in Shropshire, UK (1779) you can’t fail to learn something new about these immense constructions.

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