Penguin Problems by Jory John & Lane Smith (Walker Books)

cw-1w3txgaemnov This humorously melancholic tale brought a real smile to our faces and laughter from deep within our bellies.

Penguin Problems provides some much needed perspective and a whole new view on life for the humble penguin.


Surely life in Antartica can’t be that hard?

You wouldn’t think so would you, but you’d be surprised!

For starters it’s F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G, plus there’s no chance of finding your nearest and dearest when every penguin looks just like the next!

cw-1w7xxuaalifs On top of that, you could very easily become breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a light snack for a number of scary beasts, lurking in the ocean.

See, it’s not much fun being a penguin… or is it?

cw-1xbfw8aarzx7A triumphant first for this picture book pairing, we truly hope there’ll be plans for more from this dynamic duo.

John’s intrinsic humour, coupled with Smith’s matchless illustrations is destined to be a resounding success and a story that will resonate with both children and adults, perhaps for many different reasons.

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