Fresh Festive Fiction – a round-up of truly seasonal reads

Looking for some of the freshest festive fiction around? Then look no further. Here are a few of our favourites for a truly seasonal read:

14956662_10154534023820446_3351939626395784370_n Let’s kick this off with a long-awaited sequel. The Storm Whale In Winter is the perfect follow-up to a story that will forever be locked in our hearts.

The next installment sees the tables turned as this time, the whale is needed to come to Noi’s rescue. Read our review here.

14925502_10154534023990446_2512692616391993607_nOllie’s Christmas Reindeer is a most enchantingly charming story and would make a great Christmas Eve tale for any young family.

Amongst the chromatic spreads are delightful details including small die-cut panels, glimmers of silver foil detailing and splashes of festive red. Read our review here.

14993423_10154534023875446_2807060178297213503_nA tale of an unlikely friendship, The Wish Tree provides a magical wintry read.

As the intrepid couple venture further into their journey, they discover that wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways and with the simplest of gestures. Read our review here.


An uplifting story of friendship, bravery, separation and the utmost determination.

A Dot In The Snow is one story that readers everywhere will delight in. A curious polar bear cub wanders away from his mother and spots a dot in the snow…Read our review here.


Jenni Desmond has a stunning illustrative style, delicate but powerful story-telling and an in-depth knowledge of her subject matter.

The Polar Bear is testament to all of that and then some! Read our review here.

14956450_10154534023815446_1850926686338771663_nAnother much anticipated sequel sees Otto and Ernest in Otto The Book Bear In The Snow. They love nothing more than for their book to be borrowed and read. But they are desperate to get back to the library for the special winter party. It’s time for an incredible adventure through the snow… Read more here.


The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beautifully designed commemorative edition. It celebrates the twentieth anniversary of this classic book, written and illustrated by the incomparable visionary Tim Burton.

Read more here.


Walking In A Winter Wonderland is a joyous celebration of the most wonderful time of the year, based on the bestselling song Winter Wonderland, as sung by Grammy award-winner Peggy Lee.

Read more here.


The Queen has raced around London and dashed all over the UK. Now, in The Queen’s Present she is setting off around the world in search of the perfect Christmas present – and she’s not alone. Father Christmas is here to help! 

Read more here.

15032157_10154534023870446_244612654991357903_nFirst Snow sees a young girl wakes up to the year’s first snowy day. From her initial glimpse out the window to her poignant adventures—rolling a snowman, making snow angels—the girl’s quiet quests are ones all young readers will recognise.

Read more here.


The Newborn Child is an alternative and lyrical Nativity story, told in Mary’s words, and focusing on the thoughts, hopes and fears of a young mother-to-be, about to give birth in a strange land.

Read more here.


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