William Morris – The Twelve Days Of Christmas with illustrations by Liz Catchpole (Penguin Random House)

cwv9nxdxcaq1e-uCalling all appreciators of classic art and design.

Carefully selected iconic patterns from the V & A’s William Morris archive, are combined with elegant new illustrations to create a stylish re-invention of the classic song, The Twelve Days of Christmas.

cwv9nx7weaamlks This lavishly produced book with a tactile gilded fabric cover and durable matte pages are finished to the highest standard with the most exquisite detail.

Designed using the original artwork from William Morris, this striking ode to a Christmas classic would sit beautifully on any shelf or coffee table.

cwv9nb-xgaamppzSome of Morris’s most well-loved patterns have been incorporated into this well-known festive song.

From his 1874 ‘Larkspur’ wallpaper to his 1883 ‘Strawberry Thief’ furnishing fabric


Immerse yourself in these all too familiar patterns and perhaps be introduced to some new ones along the way.

This most special edition has been made to be treasured by children and adults of all ages and would make a perfect gift for any avid reader or William Morris fan.

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