The Land Of Nod by Robert Louis Stevenson & Robert Hunter (Flying Eye Books)

cvxmu-lwgaqlerThis lyrically jaunty classic poem by Robert Louis Stevenson has been magically reinvented by Robert Hunter with the most atmospheric and perhaps unexpected illustrations.

Hunter provides a whole new meaning to this childhood poem with his contemporary styling and dreamy palette selection.

14591843_10154501030510446_3811423559933564796_nThis poem moves at quite a pace and is very much open to interpretation with it short, snappy lines.

Here, we are introduced to a young boy. By day he stays at home all day with nothing but his own company and his toys, but by night he is transported to a surreal and dreamlike world, where his toys morph into living beings.

14632987_10154501030600446_5759218697238078373_nWe particularly liked the fact that there is an ‘edge’ to this poem and the accompanying illustrations.

A darker side to this poem emerges half way through the story and Hunter doesn’t shy away from this element of the poem, he embraces it and provides a new perspective on this classic.


Robert creates his spreads using pencils and crayons, before adding colour digitally and this adds to the apparent depth in his artwork.

We’d like to thank Robert Hunter for providing a truly engaging and stylish re-imagination of a classic, which will introduce a whole new generation to the work of one of our best loved authors.

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