The Liszts by Kyo Maclear & Júlia Sardà (Andersen Press)

cvor4ljwyaqp09nWe clearly love a good picture book and we’ve never hidden our love of an outstandingly quirky picture book that stands apart from all of the rest and ‘The Liszts‘ does exactly that!

A totally unique story re-enforcing the need to live for the moment, ‘The Liszts‘ provides an offbeat and unconventional fable and a most memorable one at that.

cvor4vewgaagvoxOne by one, we are introduced to The Liszts, a rather peculiar, gothic family who make lists, each with their own area of interest.

Mama Liszt makes lists of ghastly illnesses and the greatest football players of all time.

cvor4lxwgaaeo5fPapa Liszt makes lists of dreaded chores and small winged insects, of course!

Packed with rich, illustrative detail and enigmatic characterisation, Sardà’s inimitable style provides the perfect marriage to Maclear‘s unorthodox narrative.

cvor4pcxgae8metOne day this most freakish family receive an uninvited guest, to whom they pay no attention. Until the stranger stumbles across Edward, the middle child.

Edward has a myriad of questions, coupled with the visitor’s own questions they form a mutual bond, which lead to imaginative games, ideas and a new friendship.


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