Alone Together by Clayton Junior (Words & Pictures)

cu5wosixgaaiefy‘Alone Together’ is a highly compelling picture book on the concept of opposites.

But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill book on opposites, oh no! It’s a clever and thought-provoking, fresh approach to opposites, with very different opposing variants.


It is a visually astute book on contrasting examples with rich and varied language.

Smattered with traditional vocabulary yet introducing new, exciting words, this will undoubtedly spark conversation and help the development of speech and language in younger children.

cu5wo4qwaaayliwInjecting humour and a quirky set of scenarios, Clayton Junior‘s use of sparse white spreads and bold, eye-catching illustrations make for a clear set of unusual comparisons.

The clever introduction of lesser-known words makes for a more engaging read and one that will grab children’s attention.

cu5wotyxgaa16peWe just love the execution of this conceptual book for children and will be using it in our pre-school to enrich the experience for our children when looking at contrasts and opposites.

It’s unlike anything else we’ve seen and carefully pushes children out of the confines of their immediate grasp of language to investigate new words and meanings.


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