The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear & Chris Turnham (Chronicle Books)

ctrb5ihwiaalrl9As winter draws ever nearer, we just love the enchanting wintery tales that start appearing.

The Wish Tree‘ is a magically written story by Kyo Maclear and most empathetically illustrated by Chris Turnham.

ctrb5ugweaalzf8Charles wants to find a wish tree, I mean who wouldn’t? But his siblings don’t believe that such a thing exists.

Luckily his trusty friend Boggan is right by his side in his search. Without a map or compass in sight, Charles and Boggan head off on their quest to find the wish tree.

ctrb5i_xgae-al0As the intrepid couple venture further into their journey, they discover that wishes can come true in the most unexpected ways and with the simplest of gestures.

And it’s thanks to Charles and his travelling companion, that a number of unsuspecting animals have their wishes granted.


The complementary winter palette and the subtle but warm tonal changes in each spread make for a highly inviting read.

A more perfect winter tale, we couldn’t imagine and one we can’t wait to delve into again as winter approaches.

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