The Storm Whale In Winter by Benji Davies (Simon & Schuster)

14448933_10154390416335446_2721727659100382228_nI think we’ve made our feelings abundantly clear about our love for Benji Davies‘ ‘The Storm Whale‘.

So when we began to see snippets of a sequel, we were thrilled to hear about a new, impending adventure for Noi and his Dad.


But as with all sequels, we also felt a little tug on our heartstrings, as our allegiance to the the first book would surely be tested.

In Benji‘s own irrefutable illustrative style and gently unwinding narrative, we are taken back to Noi’s home, but this time winter is now upon them.


With the first story very much at the heart of this new tale, there’s a new adventure waiting for the intrepid Noi, but who will come to his aid when Noi’s dad doesn’t return home from his fishing trip?

Here we see the tables turned. This time it’s the whale’s turn to rescue Noi.

14449787_10154390416310446_9196197292711415825_nThere’s much to love and admire about our protagonist and even more so in this sequel. Just as you think you couldn’t love him any more, he shows great bravery and undying tenacity.

The Storm Whale In Winter‘ is a beautifully crafted continuation from ‘The Storm Whale‘ and a compassionate story that will appeal to a broad audience. Every shelf should have one!

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