Strong As A Bear by Katrin Stangl (Enchanted Lion Books)

cse5djsw8aas4h_As Strong As A Bear‘ is a quirky and striking look at idioms and similes.

It takes a playful look at a whole wealth of phrases using animal imagery to add strength to these metaphorical meanings.

cse5eaiwyaee57dSome you’ll know well, others are well, made up, but either way Katrin Stangl‘s strong imagery and vibrant choice of colours won’t fail to engage its audience.

The use of an eye-poppingly bright palette and animal-led illustrations make for an inviting conversation starter.

cse5dktwaaeguw7The deceptively simplistic use of block shapes and textured colour is a highly appealing style of illustration and one that lends itself well to creating short, snappy similes.

Children will allow their creative imagination to take over and immerse themselves fully in the fun aspect of this book.

cse5dthxgaafhzrThey will undoubtedly gain a sound grasp of a range of well-known and not so well-known, phrases.

They may even be able to apply these in context with the integration of such strong spreads and an outstanding illustrative style.

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