We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen (Walker Books)

csfn5djw8aaii34Never have we waited with more anticipation and trepidation for the finalé of a highly compelling trilogy, than this.

We Found A Hat‘ sees a heartfelt end to the ‘Hat’ books by Jon Klassen.

csfn5i6xgaaahwsFor Klassen fans everywhere, this has SO been worth the wait.

Two turtles find a hat.

It looks good on them both.

But there’s only one hat and two of them…


Watch the turtles eyes as they both secretly lust over the hat and ponder over their next move. And how incredibly cleverly the narrative and illustrations both supply very different storylines.

Only Klassen can evoke such overarching humour through the simple movement or narrowing of an eye!

csfn5p_waae1jmuIn his own inimitable style, Jon Klassen incorporates intrigue, deadpan humour and above all, a warm and emotive tale, wrapped up in his deceptively simple narrative and striking illustrative style.

I promise not to spoil this for you, but we have no doubt that this trilogy will become a permanent resident on shelves all over the world for a long time to come.


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