Duck Gets A Job by Sonny Ross (Templar Publishing)

14199430_10154328619115446_3159739377060725562_nWe have waited for Sonny Ross‘s debut picture book for some time now and it’s completely blown our socks off.

Not only does the storyline completely resonate with us, but the beautiful palette he’s selected to illustrate this book with, is so inspired.

14225425_10154328619140446_2786178643975916763_nMeet Duck. Duck’s friends all have professional jobs in the city and they never stop going on about it.

But spreadsheets don’t really flick Duck’s switch. It’s not what he wants to do for a living. He’s more of a creative soul.

14141554_10154328619130446_7676168269634481884_nSonny’s illustrations are full of warmth and depth and it’s clear that the storyline is partially autobiographical.

Duck decides to read the ads and finds a job. But what will he wear to his interview? How will he get there? What will he say? And will it be the right job for him?

14203270_10154328619135446_1467679490863819450_nA totally original, fresh story and one which will ring true for many creative bods out there.

We suggest you remember the name Sonny Ross as he’s likely to be a force to be reckoned with in the picture book world.

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