The Book Of Bees by Piotr Socha (Thames Hudson)

CpmJbOpWIAAgQ3oIf there was ever a way to learn more about bees, their habitat, how they communicate and the role they have played throughout history, then this epic, over-sized encyclopaedic introduction is it.

The Book of Bees‘ is humorously and intricately illustrated by Piotr Socha, the son of a bee keeper.

CprJ_-SWcAAqYp-Wojciech Grajkowski has created a quirky and engaging read, paired with Socha’s fanciful and detailed illustrations, this makes for an arresting look at the bees.

From the age of the dinosaurs to their current plight that they face, this book reveals how bees have played an integral role throughout time.

CprJ_5iXgAAzgwRIllustrated in a unique style, with an injection of humour there’s so much to love about this book.

This book will require multiple read-throughs to drink in all of the information and take in all of the detail in the spreads.

CprKAbVXgAQ385uThis educational tome should hold a place on every library shelf, young person’s bookcase and classroom shelf.

Definitely worth a purchase for the end papers alone.

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