The Snurtch by Sean Ferrell & Charles Santoso (Simon & Schuster)

CqKYOp_XYAAHYQ0Oh boy, do we all have an inner ‘Snurtch’ and some days it’s better behaved than others…

The Snurtch‘ by Sean Ferrell and Charles Santoso hits the nail on the head perfectly. We can all have an ‘off day’ and this story illustrates it impeccably.

CqKYO1fWIAAFJ64Some days your ‘Snurtch’ is more congenial than others, but poor Ruthie has *the* grumpiest Snurtch going.  It’s ‘scribbly and scrunchy’ and ‘burpy and rude’. Never sinister or scary, but nevertheless it’s far from nice and we love the way Santoso has brought it to life visually.

CqKYOsTXYAEyFW-Ferrell has a complete way with words and not only does the title immediately grab you, but the way in which this story is written is completely fitting for a grumpy, gnarly snurtch. Using an almost staccato narrative, short and punchy sentences make for irregular almost uncomfortable reading, but in a great way to support this veritably ill-mannered creature.

CqKYOyBXYAEdTHxThe way in which Santoso captures grouchiness is immaculately detailed and highly original. We adore his illustrative style and it’s one that’s completely unique. Just check out each individual hair on our protagonists head!

We also noticed a cheeky cameo from Adam taken from Ferrell and Santoso’s ‘I Don’t Like Koala‘. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend you rectify that now!

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