The Building Boy by Ross Montgomery & David Litchfield (Faber Children’s)

Cp-GyqgWcAASQhGThis beautifully touching and ultimately uplifting tale recants the story of the special relationship between a boy and his beloved grandma.

As they read together and enjoy each other’s company, the pair have an unwritten fondness that exudes every page.

Cp-GysDWcAELhSXHis grandma, once an architect, had “made the tallest skyscrapers, the most beautiful palaces and museums and libraries bigger than towns.

They dreamed of the house they would build together one day. But Grandma was growing old…

Cp-Gy0MXEAA1Q2dDavid Litchfield‘s delightfully warm illustrations are full of emotion and his use of light and shade supports Montgomery‘s fanciful narrative to perfection.

Eventually the time comes when his grandma passes away and unwilling to accept she’s gone, he single-handedly builds a huge structure.

Cp-Gy4FXEAAmAv-Once again Grandma is cleverly brought to life through his construction. But where is she taking him?

The quirky composition of each spread adds to the drama of the story as it reaches it climax. Dealing with life, death and being comfortable in your own skin, this is a truly life affirming read.

Such a gently emotive and magically surreal story, it allows the reader to immerse themselves fully in the enchanting world they find themselves residing in for those few precious minutes.


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