Welcome by Barroux (Egmont Publishing)

CpqiXH_XgAABt3MA fabulously creative and poignant offering from award-winning Barroux, we’ve come to expect great things from this storytelling giant and this is another smash hit.

Welcome‘ is a highly poignant story about the plight of migrants, pitched at a younger audience, in words and images that they can relate to.

CpqiXI_W8AABv7UPolar Bear and his friends are swept away from their home, everything they know and love is taken away from them.

Their icy surroundings, the snow and the cold are no longer an option, so where will they live now and will they find refuge in a new land?


But finding a new home and being made to feel welcome isn’t as straightforward as you might think or hope…

Polar Bear and his friends are turned away from many places for numerous reasons; including being too hairy, too tall and too bear-ish. They are not wanted anywhere.

CpqiXgoWIAEFcl2Just as their iceberg is ready to melt to nothing, the polar bears eventually spy an empty island to make their own.

With a reassuring twist, this exceptional and very current book should be read to young children everywhere to tackle head-on, the issues faced by migrants the world over and help the next generation have empathy for those in the most dreadful of circumstances.

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