Can You Keep A Straight Face? by Élisa Géhin & Bernard Duisit (Thames Hudson)

TCpcHDoDWIAIzxuyhis trio of eye-popping, flip flap pop-up books are highly engaging and SO much fun.

With flaps to flip over, tabs to pull and push and wheels to turn, this creatively produced set of books has enough to keep little hands and minds thoroughly entertained.

CpcHD3BXEAAjHm1Intricate but sturdy paper engineered spreads are contained within each book and each has a particular theme.

This or That?‘ by Delphine Chedru and Bernard Duisit offers a varied selection of interactive choices from chocolate or vanilla ice cream to winter or summer. But which is better?

CpcHDpDXEAAdNu-What’s Up?’ by Olivia Cosneau and Bernard Duisit is a bright and vibrant book of feathered friends.

But what are they all up to? Pull the tabs to reveal the surprises and see the birds almost fly off each page.


Can You Keep A Straight Face’ by Élisa Géhin and Bernard Duisit is full of surprises and lots of funny faces.

Watch as the faces move, as if by magic. Using bold backgrounds and solid colour, each turn of the page is total treat and there’s a surprise to be had on every spread.

Take a closer look at ‘Can You Keep a Straight Face?‘ here.


2 thoughts on “Can You Keep A Straight Face? by Élisa Géhin & Bernard Duisit (Thames Hudson)

  1. Love the reviews. Also, I saw the video on Vine. Did you make it? It is really good. I am a member of vine through my kid lit reviews twitter, but vine can never find it so I couldn’t log in to leave a comment there, not that I didn’t try to leave one anyway. 🙂

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