Nothing by Yasmeen Ismail (Bloomsbury)

13934946_10154250380440446_729145829731793025_nOnce again, Yasmeen Ismail has created another imaginative and truly formidable character as the protagonist in her latest picture book, ‘Nothing‘.

Lila is busy in her own world, wrestling an octopus, riding a chariot and flying like the birds.

13906956_10154250380450446_2636112052554056931_nBut when her Mum asks her what she’s up to, she always responds with ‘Nothing‘.

Here, only the reader is privy to Lila’s secret, crazy and colourful world. Such a clever use of visual narrative, Yasmeen has created a special bond between Lila and the reader.

13924981_10154250380480446_1672640191216314888_nBursting with character, texture and colour, as only Ismail knows how, this book will speak to children and adults alike.

Embracing the wild side of your imagination and unleashing your inner creativity, you can’t help but be swept away wth this wildly inventive read.

13886341_10154250380485446_4925117206426095353_nIntroduce your children to all of Yasmeen’s wonderful characters. They won’t fail to be engaged and inspired.

Lila is the newest member to add to her string of impressive individuals, coupled with her striking illustrative style, there’s nothing to dislike about this joyous celebration of the imagination.

2 thoughts on “Nothing by Yasmeen Ismail (Bloomsbury)

  1. It’s basically ‘the thinking book’ by sandol stoddard warburg, republished just recently in which a child thinks about other things whilst the mother asks him to get dressed in the morning…with a slightly different ending

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