Oskar Loves… by Britta Teckentrup (Prestel)

13872901_10154237253380446_1053068520260921002_nIn Britta Teckentrup‘s own inimitable style, she has created another beautifully bold and highly poignant read.

We follow the loveable Oskar as he explores the world around him and it’s some of the simplest things in life that he loves and appreciates.

13880245_10154237253430446_3121975544505379572_nStunningly executed, with a clean and engaging composition, this book acts as a gentle reminder as to what is really important in our lives.

From ‘soft green grass‘ to losing himself in books and not forgetting ‘his favourite pebble‘ Oskar loves all of these things and more.

13886498_10154237253420446_8346897556626513312_nWith minimal but powerful text we learn what Oskar loves and it ultimately begs the question “What do you love?

The answers to this question would definitely provide food for thought having first read this text.

13882555_10154237253515446_9141835853809383559_nUsing simple shapes to create a characterful crow, paired with a prominent palette, Teckentrup has once again delivered a hard-hitting book with a powerful message but in an understated and completely creative technique.

CorfRIIWEAA7oNHThis superbly striking picture book with a deceptive simplicity has become synonymous to Britta.

She has a knack of delivering expressive illustrations full of character, texture, movement and ultimately love and this has it in abundance.

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