Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts (Abrams)

Goodness 13920589_10154234549335446_6195462618804421767_nonly knows how Andrea Beaty and David Roberts do it!

After the roaring success of Rosie Revere, Engineer and Iggy Peck, Architect, they’ve only gone and done it again with the highly anticipated ‘Ada Twist, Scientist‘.

13882124_10154234549470446_4103757599493502959_nA curious young girl from a very young age, Ada breaks the mould of a ‘normal’ toddler in more ways than one.

Not speaking until she turned three, but when she does… there’s no stopping her desire to know more.

13891957_10154234549420446_2807637339580401814_nA jaunty rhythmic read, this won’t fail to please even the youngest audience. Coupled with David Roberts’ stylishly impeccable characterisation and loveable protagonists, there’s everything to love about Ada.

Championing strong female leads and embracing women in science, this refreshingly welcome diverse character encompasses all that can be great about inquisitive and persistent minds everywhere.

13906652_10154234549455446_8725650270132667498_nAda’s experimentation leads to a horrific stench and even though she may not find the root cause, she isn’t afraid to set about trying, nor is she afraid of failure. A life lesson to be learned by all of us and undoubtedly on more than one occasion.

Another aspirational story from this heavyweight picture book duo and one that is crying out to be read by children everywhere. Get it on your wish lists.

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