They All Saw A Cat by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Books)

13876515_10154228497195446_9175196738890417814_nThey All Saw A Cat‘ by Brendan Wenzel is all kinds of genius!

We spotted early proofs of this book on Twitter via Steven Malk and were utterly intrigued.

Luckily, we were sent a review copy from our friends over at Chronicle Books and had chance to pore over it in more detail and we were certainly not disappointed.


Surely a plain old household cat, is just a plain old household cat no matter who you are… right?

Wrong! We can assure you it most definitely is not.

Just take a look at the vast differences between how the cat is viewed from each of the different onlookers.

13873173_10154228497225446_4189504186839526982_nConceptually, this is such a creative picture book and one which executes its point to perfection.

Offering new and completely different perspectives on the very same household cat provides much food for thought along the way and will undoubtedly open the reader’s imagination to how we all see things differently.

10402910_10154228578895446_6227761311757048880_nThe distinct shifts between colour, texture and tone add further impact to the message being portrayed in this thought provoking tome, as does the affirming repeated refrain into his narrative to further hit home his message: “Yes, they all saw the cat.”

Wenzel has astutely created a technicolour celebration of observation, imagination, curiosity and individual perspective.

13891960_10154228497245446_4863890400172482559_nThis book can be used across a wide and varied audience to incite many different discussions and open the reader’s mind to being more accepting of others views and explore individual perception to a greater degree.

We can’t wait to use this in the school where we work and if you needed any more encouragement to get your paws on this book you can watch the trailer here:



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