There’s No Such Thing As A Snappenpoop by Jeanne Willis & Matt Saunders (Little Tiger Press)

CnRVntkWEAAn3K2In this hilarious tale of sibling rivalry, Little Brother wants nothing more than to be allowed to join in with Big Brother’s antics, but Big Brother isn’t going to make it easy for him, oh no!

We were lucky enough to hear a reading from the inimitable author Jeanne Willis who told us this story was born from her own relationship with her older sister.

So for all you older siblings, be warned, the younger ones are getting their own back!

CnRVn5fXYAA60_SIn order to be able to play with Big Brother, Little Brother is first tasked with finding a unicorn to bring back to his older sibling.

Clearly not a quest for the faint-hearted, but that’s not going to stop Little Brother. Hours later he returns jubilantly complete with a unicorn in tow.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy Big Brother.


The next task comes in the form of a lion with wings.

Surely this is a task too far for the young boy?

There’s no such thing as a lion with wings, but to his amazement Big Brother is greeted with his little brother riding atop of a lion with wings, no less!

But what happens when the final request is to find a Snappenpoop?!

CnRVn0TWgAARaFeMatt Saunders‘ vibrant and magical illustrations allow the reader to let their imaginations run wild and his creations support Jeanne Willis’ narrative to perfection.

So what on earth is a Snappenpoop and what does it look like?

Saunders provides just enough in his illustrations (a head and a tail) to let the reader create their own additions to this unique creature.

A perfect bedtime read for siblings and one which encourages creativity and letting loose with your imagination.


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