Up, Up And Away by Tom McLaughlin (Bloomsbury)

13615516_10154185626915446_2669216323484613553_nAfter the success of The Cloudspotter we were excited to see what adventures awaited us with ‘Up, Up And Away’ by Tom McLaughlin.

And we were not disappointed.

In this charming tale of ‘boy meets planet’, there’s a deep and heart-warming storyline about learning to let go of the things we love.

13631569_10154185626940446_4355994502204408132_nWith a spark of magic and touch of McLaughlin‘s creative genius, this new and unfurling friendship can’t help but fuel the reader’s imagination and incite pertinent discussion for younger readers.

As our protagonist, Orson builds his very own planet, with a cup full of rocks, a lot of nothingness and a dash of water, he soon realises that that was the easy bit, taking care of his planet would be an altogether, much more tricky affair.

13669558_10154185626960446_7376939087933656783_nFor example, what happens when Orson’s planet looks sad and not even a trip to the cinema can cheer it up?

Planets take an awful lot of looking after don’t you know?

They need to be fed and watered, cleaned and tidied and generally well looked after, not too dissimilar from us humans!

13627111_10154185626935446_853178651917251289_nUsing McLaughlin’s beautifully stylised illustrations, coupled with his typewriter font, there’s always something very comforting about his stories and uplifting at the same time.

We enjoy the gentleness of McLaughlin’s work and the way in which he addresses a difficult or sensitive subject matter with sensitivity and positivity in equal measure. A truly uplifting read and one we’ll enjoy returning to.



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