Botanicum by Katie Scott & Kathy Willis (Big Picture Press)

13627132_10154178004275446_5663208526117230087_nIn this beautifully curated detailed guide to plant life, a wondrous museum of all things green and leafy are presented with intricately illustrated flora by Katie Scott and supporting text provided by Professor Kathy Willis, Director of Science at Kew.

A truly formidable pairing, the duo have created a encyclopedic guide to everything from herbaceous plants and hardy perennials to tropical exotica.

13658944_10154178004215446_3019485971542158414_nPresented in a delicate and eye-catching format, this would make the perfect gift for gardeners and book lovers alike.

Alluring artwork complement the punchy factual pieces of information on each plant.

Published in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, ‘Botanicum’ offers a high quality publication with trusted information and stunning illustrations to match.


With 100 full colour spreads, this sumptuous feast of plant life knowledge will be a botanical compendium that’s tough to beat.

The varying layouts make for an engaging read and the raw, earthy palettes provide soothing spreads

Complete with latin names and detailed cross sections, even the hardiest gardener will undoubtedly learn something new along the way.

13631652_10154178004185446_4379328449163459532_nThe use of a clear numbering format and a key which offers bite-sized pieces of data can only support the reader further in their quest to acquire more in-depth information on such a compelling topic.

We know we will be gifting this again and again and following the roaring success of Animalium, this is set to follow in its footsteps.


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