I’m Hungry by Jorge Martín (Puffin Books)

13612327_10154167696175446_2457595838820125279_nToday we mark the publication day of “I’m Hungry!” by Jorge Martín in truly nutritious style.

Meet Baby Dragon, she’s just hatched from her egg and she’s not just hungry, she’s positively hangry!

So utterly starving in fact, that anyone is fair game. Nothing is safe from the jaws of this ravenous reptile.

13600335_10154167732300446_1637042910636229793_nAn unsuspecting crab scuttles over to play a game of football with the dragon and very soon becomes breakfast, closely followed by a cockatoo lunchtime snack and a gorilla for dinner. Until she has gobbled up every animal on the island. And she soon becomes very full and rather lonely.

But Mummy Dragon tickles Baby Dragon until all of the animals escape from her bulging tummy and she wisely advises her little dragon that they only eat roasted vegetables!

13599836_10154167696195446_5662027981715769832_nSo what better way to celebrate this endearing story hitting our shelves than to EAT?!  Those lovely people at Penguin invited us to prepare our own vegetarian meal to celebrate the hatching of this loveable little character and who are we to turn down a challenge?

We set out with these ingredients in a vain attempt to create our own edible ‘Baby Dragon’. Stuffed peppers with a few additions and here she is… of sorts. (Complete with wings, spines and a tail made by my children.)


Make your own Baby Dragon stuffed pepper:

Sweat the diced onion in a frying pan with garlic and a little oil.

Add the sliced mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and vegetable stock and simmer. Season to taste.

Boil the rice, when cooked add to frying pan and simmer for a further 2 minutes.

Stuff the pepper with the rice mixture and add a few dragon-like adornments, wings, horns and googly eyes). And ta-da! There you have your own Baby Dragon vegetarian meal.


Huge thanks to Penguin for inviting us to take part in their culinary challenge. Join the rest of the “I’m Hungry!” blog tour to see what tasty treats they have in store.



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