Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle by Britta Teckentrup & Particia Hegarty (Little Tiger)

13439009_10154161188375446_8030123266071435976_nIn her own inimitable style, Britta Teckentrup delivers a powerful message about the importance of our bees and the magnitude of the crisis, as they significantly dwindle in numbers.

Everything that Britta Teckentrup produces has a distinct air of quality, precision and delicacy about it and ‘Bee‘ is another fine example of her workmanship.

Britta has an unparalleled picture book history and a style truly synonymous with no other. Using her stunning collage style and clever use of die-cut hexagons, ‘Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle‘ is an inviting and engaging read for all ages.

13600016_10154161188455446_6281406611621765927_nThe cover alone is a sight to behold and the tactile concentric hexagons draw the readers eye to the centre of the book where our tiny bee can be found.

With Patricia Hegarty’s lyrically jaunty, up-beat rhyme, we follow the miraculous journey of this tiny creature. It busily gathers nectar and flits from flower to flower, harvesting and spreading life across our planet.

Accompanied by Teckentrup‘s delightful illustrations, packed with colour and bustling with life, this innovative way to share our bee’s journey certainly packs some punch and highlights the importance of the tiny bee and the miracle of pollination.

13439073_10154161188380446_502818680391337002_nWith playful peep-through die-cuts and vibrant spreads, Hegarty and Teckentrup bring to life the enormity of the bee’s task and will undoubtedly entice younger readers to take an interest in this urgent plight.

You can almost hear the diligent bees buzzing with the turn of every page and can truly appreciate the importance of their role to our flowers and plant life.

13557775_10154161188520446_2804031052764606746_nFor us, the end couplet is the most poignant:

“For every plant and flower you see 

Was given life by one small bee.”

An ode to the importance of bees and impressing upon us how critical they are to our thriving natural world.

13529244_10154161188445446_8801601294434653250_nWe’d also like to give a special mention to the end papers. We are greeted with a busy and beautiful spread full of flowers, plant life and insects, re-enforcing the message of the book and drawing it to an appropriate close.

To be in with a chance to win your own copy of ‘Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle‘ by Britta Teckentrup an Patricia Hegarty. Head over to Twitter for more details @pbooksblogger.

Thanks to Little Tiger for including us in this special blog tour and make sure you head over to BookLoverJo for more on this enlightening journey.

3 thoughts on “Bee: Nature’s Tiny Miracle by Britta Teckentrup & Particia Hegarty (Little Tiger)

  1. From the snippets I’ve seen this looks like such a masterpiece. I am a sucker for any kind of paper engineering too and it looks like the die cuts really enhance the text as well. Can’t wait to get a copy for myself. Great review, thank you!

  2. Looks like a great book. I love that it is tactile and sounds like a positive look at how bees are so important to our livelihood too.

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