You Must Bring A Hat by Simon Philip & Kate Hindley (Simon & Schuster)

13336133_10154089101885446_923687071036503123_nGrab your hat, you’re cordially invited to the biggest, bestest, hattiest party EVER!

The only rule for attending this party is you MUST bring a hat.

But what happens when you don’t own a hat and all hats, everywhere have sold out?


It’s time to get inventive.

You find yourself a hat, albeit on the head of a monkey, but nevertheless it’s a hat.

You rock up to the party, but all of a sudden the one and only hat rule appears to be joined by several others. Including, all hat-wearing monkeys are only allowed into the party if wearing a monocle and a supervisory penguin must accompany anyone wearing a tutu. All totally logical… NOT!


Some of the most absurd (but highly amusing) rules appear to apply to the most ridiculous scenarios. From only permitting piano-playing badgers to admitting only tutu-sporting elephants, could these party rules get any more ridiculous?!

Written with great humour that children will delight in and illustrations that magnify the silliness of this story, there’s much to enjoy in these collection of detailed spreads.

13332972_10154089101855446_1881024300776728280_nSimon Philip and Kate Hindley have created a witty, fun-filled, visually engaging production and with an unexpected twist at the end. We won’t spoil it for you, but it means you’ll have to go back to the beginning and spot lots of fine detail that you may have missed first time around.

We really hope Philip and Hindley pair up together again on another collaboration as this is such a winning combination.

Join us over on Twitter on the 30th June to celebrate publication day by tweeting your silly hat photo using the hashtag #BringAHatDay to win a free Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea for two at The Sanderson Hotel, London.


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