Sea Change by Frank Viva (Tundra Books)

13310568_10154086738965446_1780949653796021084_nWe love Frank Viva’s work. In our opinion, he leads the field in terms of design and creativity and is willing to push boundaries with his artwork.

And ‘Sea Change‘ is no different in that respect.

From the critically acclaimed illustrator comes an almost unexpected, overwhelmingly emotive read.

13310330_10154086739380446_5069069864278929664_nA highly illustrated book aimed at a slightly older audience than our usual reviews, this unfurling story will grab even the hardest of hearts.

All of his friends were looking forward to what summer had in store, sleepovers, drive-in movies and rope-swings, but not Eliot. Eliot is being sent to a remote village in Nova Scotia for the summer by his parents.

But despite his worst fears, he grows to love this place he never wanted to visit in the first place.

13325642_10154086739100446_8690770332916960471_nYes, there are grumpy old men and big, bad bullies, but there’s also a hidden library, clear starry nights and a mysterious girl.

Executed so creatively, making the most of shape, space and form. It’s unlike any other book we’ve ever seen. The composition of this book alone is a sight to behold.

With clever use of words, line and images, the marriage between the two becomes inseparable.

13310557_10154086738970446_4889001393888077060_nAnd once the novelty of the unusual placement of text and pictures wears off, it becomes second nature to see them intertwined on the page, making us question why more books are not delivered in this engaging and accessible format.

A heart-wrenching story that’s crying out to be devoured by young readers. A perfect transition from picture books to chapter books, this illustrated novel will have even the most reluctant readers engaged. It’s a total triumph!


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