The Cantankerous Crow by Lennart Hellsing & Poul Stroyer (Thames & Hudson)

13325564_10154080365955446_8091373078940133700_nThis gem was unearthed by a Thames & Hudson editor and luckily for us, he decided to resurrect this once again for a new generation of readers.

Originally published over 60 years ago, this is the first UK edition of this captivating vintage rhyming tale.

Such a charming and fun-filled story, it’s just crying out to be shared with a fresh audience.

13343084_10154080365980446_6655594035322036905_nThe Cantankerous Crow‘ is out to wreak havoc but just how much mayhem can one bird cause?

The crow lives with his troublesome family, including his father, mother, four very strange sisters and a brother.

But one fateful day the cheeky crow is caught stealing his cherries by the farmer. The farmer decides to domesticate the crow and begins about putting him to work. But the crow has his own ideas of helping around the farm!

13335836_10154080366010446_4178620376584297623_nPoul Stroyer’s vibrant, vintage illustrations have undoubtedly stood the test of time, they’re as fresh and compelling now as they would have been when first published, over 60 years ago.

Supported by an upbeat, rhythmic narrative translation, this humorous ditty will have universal appeal to any audience.

The cheekiness of the crow and his inability to do anything correctly will have readers everywhere chuckling with delight.

13331105_10154080366045446_4999859368319211430_nThose with an eye for art will relish over the retro spreads and the stylised artwork and younger readers will find endless humour in each page.

Without doubt, this is a children’s classic and we’re so pleased it’s been published once again to enchant a new generation and have the opportunity to adorn shelves everywhere.


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