Colin and Lee Carrot and Pea by Morag Hood (Two Hoots)

13325614_10154077531360446_9033755432765413003_nA deliciously delightful tale of friendship, differences and being yourself.

Of course a pea and a carrot can be friends. Why ever not?!

Meet ‘Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea‘.

13267934_10154077531385446_8506570369088560514_nLee is a pea, green, round and bouncy.

Colin on the other hand is a carrot stick, tall, orange, and not much good at rolling or bouncing. So what on earth could these two have in common?

Morag Hood‘s understated but utterly striking illustrations are full of charm and texture are a perfect fit for this story of highlighting differences.

13321824_10154077531410446_6494388942377172584_nThis next offering from Two Hoots is an engaging and humorous look at relationships and how true friendship can overcome superficial differences.

Coupled with Hood‘s iconic illustrative styling, this makes for a fun read, bursting with wit and an underlying warmth.

13331066_10154077531445446_7373201922971692033_nCleverly created using a collage of supermarket carrier bags and deceptively simple paintwork, Morag Hood has captured the necessary picture book ingredients for a winning formula.

In a world where we may be ridiculed for standing out and being unique, this book not only celebrates our individuality, it positively advocates being different and for that, we love this book!


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