Bob The Artist by Marion Deuchars (Laurence King)

13256344_10154050887840446_4522450713889668902_n‘Bob The Artist’ by Marion Deuchars is an overwhelmingly joyous tale of being a bit different, trying desperately to fit in and an exploration of the arts, all within the confines of the same tome.

Bob is a bird, just like any other bird, except he has skinny legs and is teased relentlessly by the other birds. So Bob does what any other self-respecting bird would do and sets about trying to fit in.

13263884_10154050887760446_6947237182381654127_nHe enrols at the gym, eats plentifully and even dresses up, all in the hope that his legs might become bigger.

But that did not work.

Whilst focussing on how he could change himself, he ends up in an art gallery surrounded by work from the world’s most celebrated artists, Bob is immediately inspired.

13256266_10154050887825446_3831590123015590347_nFrom Matisse to Pollock, Bob unleashes his inner artist and he paints his beak in array of colours and styles, so that eventually no-one even notices his legs.

Such a striking style of illustration coupled with a truly life-affirming story, this is bound to delight readers everywhere.

Marion Deuchars, has a deceptively simple style and one which translates perfectly to picture books.

13230329_10154050887790446_268139183131383375_nWith glorious black, inky hand lettering to accompany a tale that will undoubtedly resonate with children and adults alike, we know this would make a worthy addition to any shelf.

We adore the brief introduction to famous artists and the use of expression through art, a profoundly creative picture book and one we will recommend again and again.




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