Odd Bods by Steven Butler & Jarvis (Puffin Books)

13221468_10154050887980446_5309332560504355141_nSo what exactly *is* normal anyway?

We’re not even sure there is such a thing and that’s why we’re overjoyed that Steven Butler and Jarvis have collaborated to create this wonderful book entitled ‘Odd Bods‘.

In this rather raucous rhyming tale, we meet a number of characters, each with their own quirks.

13164471_10154050887885446_7408774042730255577_nCelebrating an alphabet of every weird and wonderful child out there, whoever they are and where ever they may be.

It acknowledges their foibles, recognises their quirks and gives a massive high five to their oddities.

From smelly Edie to Percy who’s mute, there’s someone in here that many of us can relate to.

13245276_10154050887915446_725162691542119394_nButler‘s punchy rhyme is supported effortlessly by Jarvis‘s almost luminous palette.

Inspired use of block colour backgrounds and vibrant pops of colour make for an engaging read. Coupled with the jaunty cadence of this ditty, these two elements carry the reader through this humorous song-like tale with ease.

13266037_10154050887940446_474744567497386875_nIt’s a story that’s sure to spark conversation and hopefully highlight the wealth of oddities that exist among us all.

With diverse themes including humour, inclusion, friendship and surrealism, this makes for a great read for all audiences, young and old.

The ending is both sublime and unexpected and we can’t wait to share this with our pre schoolers.


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