Harold’s Hungry Eyes by Kevin Waldron (Phaidon)

13173892_10154041742680446_1230851732221032402_n Meet Harold. He’s hungry.

In fact, he’s not just hungry, he’s positively ravenous! All of the time.

Come on, admit it, we’ve all had a ‘Harold moment’ when we’re so hungry that you start seeing objects as food. Only last week I was staring longingly at my phone thinking it was a slab of chocolate.

So what happens when Harold gets lost in the big city and how will he find his way home?

13165893_10154041742590446_1399976085009606576_nOur food-obsessed Boston terrier is exactly that and there’s rarely a minute that goes by when he isn’t thinking about food.

Sleeping on his favourite chair, he even dreams about food.

But one day, his favourite chair disappears and Harold spots it being driven away in a truck.

Without a second thought, he jumps out of the window in pursuit of the big truck.

But Harold’s little legs are no match for the huge wheels of the dustbin lorry and he’s soon lost in the city. As hunger sets in, buildings turn into over-sized pieces of food. In his eyes, the street light resembles an ice cream sundae and the clock face becomes a huge pie. Watch how Harold finds his way home, with the help of his food-obsessed mind.

13240491_10154041742620446_7705047848582399424_nKevin Waldron illustrates this offering using black line drawings and vibrant, block colours. He then overlays with a collage of food items making a bold visual statement that executes brilliantly onto paper.

This is a great way to enable young readers to open their minds when viewing the world around us. Transforming familiar objects into new, completely different objects, invites children to use their imagination and experiment with how they perceive those things in everyday life.


A real conversation starter, this would make a fun and eye-opening read for a younger audience and those clever people at Phaidon have created an activity sheet to use alongside the book, plus you can download your own Hungry Harold screensaver.

Don’t forget to join the Hungry Harold’s Eyes blog tour over on Twitter for more Harold fun an frolics.


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